Post Surgery Bra Fitting

At Bras N Things, our bra fit experts undergo specialist training to be able to help our customers who have had cosmetic or medical breast surgery. Our team are here to help you find the perfect bra that’s comfortable and supportive for your new breast shape and size.

Breast Augmentation

Once your doctor has given you the all clear, usually six weeks after surgery, you can be fitted for a new bra. However, we recommend not updating all your bras until at least three months after surgery to give any swelling time to settle.

Even though you may have expected your surgery - for implants, a breast lift or reduction - to result in your breasts being a particular cup size, it’s still important to be fitted for a new bra to ensure you have the correct fit.

Mastectomy or Breast Reconstruction

After surgery, your doctor or breast care nurse will advise you when it’s time to be fitted for a new bra, though it’s usually around the six to eight week mark to allow for swelling to settle and scars to heal.

Our team is able to offer personalised, expert advice to help you choose from our range of bras and swimwear that will feel and look great. There are a large range of styles – including plunge, full cup, and ¾ cup – that will suit different customers depending on different stages of healing, or whether there is increased sensitivity or irritation, so it’s best to try several styles to find what will offer the best level of comfort.