First Bra Fitting

At Bras N Things we're here to make sure your first bra fitting experience is a positive and empowering one.

Our team are expertly trained and we have a great range of quality, on-trend products to make your first bra shopping experience fun.

When you have your first fitting, our team member will explain to you:

  • The fitting process, as we want you to be comfortable
  • How to put on a bra and how to adjust for a more comfortable fit.
  • The features and benefits of different types of bras – like sports, wirefree, t-shirt.
  • How many bras you need.
  • How to take care of your bra.
  • When you will need to come back for another fitting.


When is the right time for a first fitting?

Girls should be measured and fitted as soon as there is any sign of breast growth. While there is no ‘right age’, research shows the average age of a first fitting is around 11, but some girls will develop earlier and others later.

Having the right bra when your breasts start to develop will improve general comfort during everyday activities and is essential for playing sport.