How To Measure Bra Size

How To Measure Guide from Bras N Things


Finding the perfect bra can be easy when you follow our all in one bra fitting guide but you still need to start somewhere.  Measurements are only an initial sizing guide, but a necessary one!


So, how do you measure your bra size?  First take out your measuring tape.  Then, ensuring you are wearing an unlined or lightly lined bra (don't measure wearing a push up), follow the simple steps below.

1. Under Bust   Ensure the tape measure follows a horizontal line around the body, exactly beneath where your bra band should sit.  The tape measure should sit against your skin all the way around.  There should not be any gaps!  Note down your size in centimetres.

2. Over Bust   Now measure across the fullest part of your bust.  Note down the size in centimetres.

Secondly, use our all in one bra sizing tables to work out your band and cup size.  Take your under bust measurement and follow along the top of the table until you find your body size.  Next, run your finger down that column until you find the range where your over bust measurements sit.  The corresponding letter in the left hand column is your cup size.


Now you are ready to start shopping!  If you wish to show only for your size and sister bra sizes, you can use the shopping filters on the left hand side of the site. Shop Bras>